Saturday, 11 September 2021

The Why of Ghosts

Is no-one making horror movies about ghosts at the moment? We've had a glut of vampires, zombies and demonic nuns, but I can't remember the last time I watched a good ghost movie. Or a bad one for that matter.

This ghost appears as (1d6):

  1. A soldier
  2. A bride
  3. A child
  4. An old woman
  5. A knight
  6. A hooded figure

It haunts (1d6):

  1. A family home 
  2. A castle or stronghold
  3. A manor house
  4. A market
  5. A crossroads
  6. A bridge

It died of (1d6):

  1. War
  2. Disease
  3. Murder
  4. An accident
  5. A curse
  6. Neglect

A sign of its presence is (1d6):

  1. An eerie cold
  2. Animals show fear
  3. All present feel the same intense emotion
  4. Insects and all manner of vermin appear
  5. Blood or water dripping
  6. Faint sounds of conflict

It has the power to (1d6):

  1. Hurl objects
  2.  Snuff out light sources
  3. Steal warmth
  4. Curse items to break
  5. Start fires
  6. Walk through walls

And also the power to (1d6):

  1. Confuse the mind 
  2. Appear as a living being
  3. Make friends appear to be enemies
  4. Possess people
  5. Read minds
  6. make people see their fears

Its unfinished business is (1d6):

  1. Revenge
  2. A message to a loved one
  3. An unfulfilled promise
  4. Atonement for a crime
  5. Guarding something that was important in life
  6. Proper funeral rites

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