Monday, 1 November 2021

Hungerling lake

A small dungeon in the Underdark for low-level characters using a Dyson Logos map. The big challenge here is not alerting the horde of hungry carnivores that some edible adventurers have entered their dungeon.You can download it from here. It's my entry for the Dyson Logos Jam, which is all about grabbing one of Dyson's free commercial maps and stocking it with creatures and treasures.

How does Dyson keep pumping out top-tier dungeon maps every couple of days? He's some kind of prodigy. The Bruce Lee of map-making.

Speaking of, I've made copies of anything from my blog that looks useful on an Itch page of my own. Download 'em, print 'em, scatter them on the floor and roll around in 'em. No charge.

Browsing the RPG authors on Itch, it seems like everyone's got a game or several, but there's considerably less in terms of adventures and add-on material. Maybe that's a useful area to focus.

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